Vibratory centrifugal separator BCS – 100



776100,00 uah.

with VAT

The price contains 96 sieves kit

delivery and installation

Product specifications

Quaantity of blocks – 4

Quaantity of layers – 3

Quaantity of layer’s section – 2

Length of the sieve – 990 mm.

Width of the sieve – 490 mm.

Length – 3300 mm.

Width – 2440 mm.

Height – 3220 mm.

Weight – 4740 kg.

Productivity (grain, t/h) 100
Сleaning efficiency 75%
Air consumption (full pressure, m3/h) 16000
Capacity, kWt 24,2





Product describtion

Grain cleaning stage is one of the main tasks crops growing. Proper processing influences on harvest commodity price and storage.

BCS Service Company provides high- productivity vibratory centrifugal separators. The list of services includes: single and wholesale of separators, warranty service, repair and sale of spare parts with delivery on the territory of Ukraine.

Vibratory separator BCS – 100 is a highly reliable Ukrainian grain cleaning machine. It allows you to clean up to 100 tons of grain per hour.

Grain cleaning passes through several stages:

  • current of air through grain is used in order to remove the chaff and in winnowing;
  • through powerful punching sieve grain is getting rid from weed seeds and other debris, grain is sorted by size;
  • clean grain and cereals fall into the special compartments to exit.

Separator BCS – 100 has many advantages:

  • made of high quality metal in accordance to all national and international technical standards;
  • can be used as a separate functioning unit, and as part of cleaning and drying and grain processing lines and grain cleaning complexes ZAV;
  • it does not require large area, it’s compact equipment;
  • has long service life, is affordable and reasonably priced reasonable price;
  • доступная стоимость и длительный строк бесперебойной эксплуатации – важные аргументы приоритетности выбора виброцентробежного сепаратора БЦС 100;
  • does not require additional specialist.

We are always happy to help to choose right equipment for grain cleaning. We are ready to arrange delivery in Ukraine by our transport or by other companies. We provide installation and repair within a short period of time if necessary.

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