Vibratory centrifugal separator BCS – 25


199200,00 uah.

with VAT

The price contains 24 sieves kit

delivery and installation

Product specifications

Quaantity of blocks – 1

Quaantity of layers – 3

Quaantity of layer’s section – 2

Length of the sieve – 990 mm.

Width of the sieve – 490 mm.

Length – 1790 mm.

Width – 1220 mm.

Height – 3220 mm.

Weight – 1290 kg

Productivity (grain, t/h) 25
Сleaning efficiency 75%
Air consumption (full pressure, m3/h) 4000
Capacity, kWt 7,4

Product describtion


Each stage of the crops growing cycle is very important for customers. The stage of grain cleaning of different kinds of pollution is included in the list of the most important processes. Grain-cleaning machines, in particular BCS – 25 serve for this purpose.

Vibratory centrifugal separator BCS – 25 provides grain processing of 25t per hour with the separation of harmful insects, weed seeds, other debris of all sizes. BCS separator is characterized by reliability, productivity, tested by time. It is made in Ukraine. Machinery with such productivity fits small private farms, departments for grain processing, large households. It can also be used as additional equipment for bigger grain elevators and grain companies.

Grain cleaning equipment consists of two units of cylindrical form, set on a small area. Crops of different sizes can be cleaned in one or both of two cylinders by the replacing a section of punching screens. Grain is brought to the high quality condition with the help of centric forces and strong air flow in the grain vibratory separator.

Here you can purchase BCS – 25 equipment for grain cleaning, that has many advantages:

  • compact structure, the platform does not occupy a large area;
  • it is easy to use, it does not require additional specialist;
  • has long service life;
  • does not require frequent repairs and its cost is minimal;
  • each cylinder unit operates separately if necessary (a big plus in the event of failure of one of the cylinders);
  • minimum costs for the purchase, installation, maintenance and repair.
  • extensive use of this modification in the fields of cultivation, storage, trade and milling as a part of the grain cleaning lines in large elevator complex.

Our professionals will advise and help you in choosing the right equipment for the grain cleaning. We will organize delivery on territory of Ukraine by any delivery company, and take care of installing and setting up of the separator.
We also have spare parts of different configurations in stock. We are always ready to help.

Our equipment is the key to effective management of your farm!

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