Bucket elevator noria NKZ-50

Bucket elevator noria NKZ-50 (productivity 50 t/h)


the price depends on configuration

Name Price with VAT (UAH)
Noria NKZ-50 ― 4,8 m 47910
Noria NKZ-50 ― 5,8 m 51660
Noria NKZ-50 ― 6,8 m 55410
Noria NKZ-50 ― 7,8 m 59160
Noria NKZ-50 ― 8,8 m 62910
Noria NKZ-50 ― 9,8 m 66060
Noria NKZ-50 ― 10,8 m 70410
Noria NKZ-50 ― 11,8 m 74160
Noria NKZ-50 ― 12,8 m 77976
Noria NKZ-50 ― 13,8 m 81660
Noria NKZ-50 ― 14,8 m 85410
Noria NKZ-50 ― 15,8 m 89160
Noria NKZ-50 ― 16,8 m 92910
Noria NKZ-50 ― 17,8 m 96660
Noria NKZ-50 ― 18,8 m 100410
Noria NKZ-50 ― 19,8 m 104160
Noria NKZ-50 ― 20,8 m 107910

Product description





Bucket elevator noria is a kind of grain conveyor which raises grain vertically by the multilayer rubber tape with buckets attached to it that goes in a circle between the upper and lower part. Bucket grain elevator can be equipped with a counter and a motor-reducer depending on necessary lift height, grain tonnage and load.
Grain elevators are classic elevators, which are used successfully in the grain-cleaning lines in combination with vibration and centrifugal BCS separators.
Our company manufactures elevators with the capacity from 5 to 100 t / h and height up to 25 meters. It is also possible to produce galvanized bucket elevators to order (zinc cover extends the equipment service life).
On our site you will find absolutely full range of spare parts and components for bucket elevators. In particular, we have always in stock such basic components as:

  • upper head
  • lower head
  • cover
  • reel
  • multilayer rubber tape
  • bucket (metal and polymer)
  • hardware (bolts, shims, female screws, etc.)

We carry out delivery of the products on the territory of Ukraine by any delivery companies as well as by our own trucks.
Book a return call if you are interested in our product. Our manager will contact with you and provide you with all the necessary information for half an hour.
We are looking forward to cooperation!

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