Spare parts of BCS

   БЦС-25, БЦС-50, БЦС-100

Запчасти БЦС-25, БЦС-50, БЦС-100

Grain-cleaning machines BCS 25, BCS 50 and BCS 100 stand out by high productivity and reliability. All the components are firm and almost do not break down. They do not require expensive repairs. But even the strongest BCS spare parts need to be replaced on time.

You can buy BCS spare parts of necessary configuration at acceptable prices on site of BCS Service. We offer BCS spare parts that correspond to the installed equipment productivity depending on installed lines. It is possible to upgrade or increase the power of the customer grain cleaning complex if it is necessary. By ensuring spare parts direct supply from the manufacturer in Ukraine, we are responsible for their efficiency, productivity reliability. Elements for the equipment repair is always in stock. So your order will be delivered without delaying the process of crops cleaning in the hot season.

We will provide you with fast and accurate pick of spare parts for vibratory centrifugal separators BCS. You won’t carry large budget costs. You will get all necessary parts for equipment repair in a short period of time. Delivery in Ukraine is carried out with the help of transport companies.

We know that at the time of harvesting, every minute is precious. We deliver reliable BCS spare parts for grain-cleaning process immediately.

We offer you such BCS spare parts:

  • punching sieves, through which the material is sieved;
  • electric motors that provide work of grain separators;
  • dust separating cyclones, that catch dust and dirt;
  • pipes of different sizes;
  • collectors, junctions, sectors, flanges, pipes, air ducts as parts of the units;
  • covers, casing;
  • full set of small parts and fasteners – ties, couplings, half couplings, bushings.

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