Vibratory centrifugal separator BCS – 50



388200,00 uah.

with VAT

The price contains 48 sieves kit

delivery and installation

Product specifications

Quaantity of blocks – 2

Quaantity of layers – 3

Quaantity of layer’s section – 2

Length of the sieve – 990 mm.

Width of the sieve – 490 mm.

Length – 3300 mm.

Width – 1220 mm.

Height – 3220 mm.

Weight – 2370 kg.

Productivity (grain, t/h) 50
Сleaning efficiency 75%
Air consumption (full pressure, m3/h) 8000
Capacity, kWt 12,1





Product describtion

Crops cultivation and agriculture in general is popular and profitable business. Grain cleaning is an important and essential stage in the complete production cycle. It affect the safety and quality of grain material. Farmers should make the right choice of grain cleaning equipment to achieve the final result – producing quality products, and getting expected profit.

Vibratory separator BCS – 50 is one of the best variations of the offered technical devices for crops cleaning. It helps us to bring products to perfection and get clean calibrated grain, without various debris (insects, weed seeds, impurities). Separator productivity is 50 tons per hour.

Vibratory centrifugal separator of this type has a robust design, that gives us a possibility to clean necessary part of grain and seeds quickly and easily and prepare them for storage and processing. This productivity allows us to use this grain cleaning equipment as part of a complex of winnowing ZAV at grain processing plants and grain elevators. BCS 50 is often used for primary processing at cereal gridding and milling complexes.

Grain-cleaning machines BCS – 50 has a number of advantages:

  • made of excellent material, has long service life;
  • simple design, it is easy to use, it does not require additional specialist;
  • it has a high index of grain cleansing;
  • it does not require large area, it’s compact equipment;
  • it is possible to use both cylinders simultaneously, or individually, which is a big plus when Vibratory separator doesn’t work at full capacity;
  • it has a high level of noise and dust resistance;
  • BCS – 50 and its spare parts are affordable and reasonably priced;
  • it carries little energy, even at full capacity.

We are always happy to help to choose right equipment for grain cleaning. We are ready to arrange delivery in Ukraine by our transport or by other companies. We provide installation and repair within a short period of time if necessary.

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