Separators BCS 25,BCS 50,BCS 100

БЦС 25 БЦС 50 БЦС 100     


         Separators BCS 25, BCS 50, BCS 100 – are used for cleaning legumes, cereals and industrial crops from all kinds of contamination, excluding the ingress of weed, dirt, giving the product ready for storage or sowing. Grain cleaning separators are installed on the complexes ZAV, barns, granaries, elevators and are the main on the line of cleaning.

         Since 2008, the company “BCS Service” has produced more than 200 separators BCS, which function to this day. Reliable grain separators produced by “BCS Service” provide high and high-quality performance, are fairly simple to use and guarantee a long period of operation.

         Due to sieves and air flow, separators BCS 25, BCS 50, BCS 100 – quickly and qualitatively separate the grain from light, large and small impurities due to differences in specific gravity and aerodynamic abilities.

Our grain cleaning machines are a guarantee of reliability, quality, performance!

Separators BCS 25

Separators BCS 50

Separators BCS 100

Spare parts of BCS 25, BCS 50, BCS 100

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