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Продажа БЦС-25 и запчастей. Доставка в любую область Украины, удобным для вас способом.


Продажа БЦС-50 и запчастей. Доставка в любую область Украины, удобным для вас способом.


Продажа БЦС-100 и запчастей. Доставка в любую область Украины, удобным для вас способом.
Запчасти к БЦС

Запчасти к БЦС

Продажа запчастей к БЦС-25, БЦС-50, БЦС-100. Доставка в любую область Украины, удобным для вас способом.
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              It is very important to complete all the stages of post-harvest process accurately during harvesting and crops preparation of for storage. Grain cleaning is one of the most important steps. It helps to rid the crop of dust and impurities, weeds, insects, dry weight. It helps to separate seeds. Grain cleaning gives a possibility of qualitative grain preparation for further storage and processing.

              Multipurpose grain cleaning BCS equipment has high capacity, processing almost all crops (legumes, cereals, oilseed, cereals, maize and sorghum). Grain separator can be used independently or in combination with other units, carrying out the entire process of crops processing.

             BCS Service company offers multipurpose cleaning machine. You can buy compact separators BCS 25 for small enterprises as well as grain separators BCS 50 and BCS 100 that are more productive.

              Equipment for grain cleaning consists of several sectors with optimized automation. Grain comes in winnower, where it is cleaned from dust and dirt. Then it pass through the punching sieves, where it is divided according to the size and cleared of debris, insects and weeds. After that grain moves out of vibration separator to different compartments to exit.

              The equipment has a firm body, strong punching sieves, good automation. That’s why it is able to serve for many years without any malfunctions. In peak season, when the grain-cleaning machines are working for long time it is important that the machines work well, because every day of downtime can cause damage to the agricultural sector. We offer reliable equipment that does not require expensive supplies or special service. It provides maximum efficiency, without taking significant investment.

            Vibratory centrifugal BCS separator is a modern and qualitative machinery without problems with service and using.

              BCS Service company also offers bucket grain elevator noria and grain cleaning complex ZAV, which will become an indispensable tool in the crop processing.

    Our grain-cleaning machines are the guarantee of reliability, quality and productivity!